• Getting To Know Me

  • Jessica grew up in Atlanta, Illinois a small town where her love for music was born. As a child, Jessica was always surrounded by music. She began using music as a pathway for expression and learned early on the importance and power of music. Jessica's music career however didn't start until much later in life. She spent many years playing volleyball where she became one of the top volleyball players in Central Illinois. Jessica continued her volleyball career at King's College in Pennsylvania where she still holds school records and received two consecutive MVP awards, All-Regional Team and All-American honors. 

    She returned home to Illinois where she began to find her way back to her first love, music. She decided to enter herself into a local karaoke contest. After weeks of competition, Jessica made it into the finals where sh took the grand prize. The venues booking agent approached Jessica and asked her if she had a band so that he could book her. Jessica immediately joined up with her younger brother Benjamin McVey, started a band and performed all over the state of Illinois for the next two years. "I realized on that very day how important music was to me. I felt whole being on stage. The energy of the crowd, the band behind me, the lights, all of it sparked a fire i me that is still burning bright to this day"

    Since that day, Jessica has pursued her passion of music in Dallas, Texas. "I want my music to be the light in someone's dark times, hope for the hopeless, a voice for someone who thinks that they don't have one. I want my music to touch people's lives the way other artists music has done for me throughout my life"